Glass shower doors and glass shower enclosures 

Photos of glass shower doors and glass shower enclosures.

Not only can you rely on us for your customised glass shower door, you can also opt for a walk-in shower which is completely or partially finished with glass walls.

Now, you can take a shower in an environment that you have created yourself through defining a specific glass accent in a colour tone of your choice. You can opt for glass shower enclosures in combination with tiles, or to have all the walls in glass, combined with a glass shower door, or not, as the case may be.

Replacing your tiles with a coloured glass shower enclosure not only gives a modern and luxurious touch to your bathroom, but glass shower walls are much easier to maintain and offer a more sustainable positioning. After all, you  will no longer have to maintain seams that can change colour, become mouldy or crack over time. Your glass shower wall can also be fitted with holes for shower rods, taps, and such. Coloured glass shower enclosures are available in all RAL colours.

Do you suffer from hard water and the corresponding lime-scale on your glass shower door or glass shower enclosure? Then, you can choose a finish, for your glass shower door or glass shower enclosure, with a special coating that prevents lime-scale.

Looking for glass shower doors or glass shower enclosures in the region of Brussels - Halle - Vilvoorde - Zaventem - Mechelen - Leuven, contact us for professional advice.