If you would like to make as much use of the light and space in your home as possible, then consider glass. Glass creates tranquillity, light and space in a contemporary style. Moreover, glass is a sustainable and timeless material which is easy to maintain.

Made to measure glazing

Glass does not only provide an elegant finish to your interior, you can also enjoy a significant number of practical advantages. Robberechts' Glass provides made to measure glazing as a specific solution to each and everyone's needs.

The personal approach of glazier Wouter Robberechts, provides an innovative look at the sustainable use of all types of glass, with an eye for quality, aesthetics and detail. 

The countless possibilities of glass

Consider what made to measure glass can do for your interior. For example, if you want more light and sense of space you could choose:

Whether transparent or not, your glass doors or (sliding) walls can separate two spaces without compromising on comfort and light. They can be finished, if desired, with a personal design or drawing.
We can install glass doors or walls with PRIVA-LITE. This technique makes it possible to turn your transparent wall into a matte one, and vice versa, with the simple push of a button, so that a shower door or enclosure becomes transparent or not, as desired.

It goes without saying, that there are many more possibilities:

On the Projects page you discover some specific achievements by Glas Robberechts.

Glass in the bathroom and kitchen

Robberechts' Glass can give your bathroom a luxurious, modern touch by placing a custom-made glass walk-in shower in a colour you define. Or, you can choose specific glass accents, such as shower doors, walls or mirrors that are easier to maintain than tiles which can crack and have joints that become mouldy or crumbly over time.

Also in your kitchen, glass provides for original and maintenance-friendly accents. For example, a glass splashguard in the kitchen has a lot of advantages in terms of maintenance.

Save energy with glass

Robberechts' Glass can also contribute to lower energy consumption. Your single glass or outdated double glass can be replaced by renewed double glazing or high-efficiency glass. An investment that will quickly show positive results on your energy bills.

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