Lacquered glass

Photos of lacquered glass.

Lacquered glass, for example as a splashguard in the kitchen or as a screen in your shower, is an elegant and contemporary alternative to tiles. Replacing your tiles with coloured lacquered glass does not only give a modern, sleek touch to your interior, lacquered glass is also a lot easier to maintain and a more durable placement. Encouragingly, you will no longer have seams that change colour, become mouldy or crack over time.

Lacquered glass can also be hardened and, therefore, becomes heat and break resistant. The glass is coated on the rear side and durably glued to the wall. Lacquered glass is available both in a glossy and a matte variant. Naturally, holes can be cut in the lacquered glass for sockets, switches, shower rods, taps, and so on. Lacquered glass is available in all RAL colours.

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