Glazier Wouter Robberechts

Wouter Robberechts acquired the necessary knowledge during the unique glass processor training. In addition, he has 15 years of experience, both in the workshop and in the field, of all kinds of placements of interior glass.

Thanks to this extensive knowledge and experience, you can count on the most flawless execution of your idea and the best solution for your problem. He will point out the advantages and disadvantages of the different options, so you can chose the best and most sustainable option. Wouter Robberechts gives honest and clear advice, tailored to your needs.

In addition, Wouter Robberechts personally provides a service from start to finish. He carries out the measurement and placement of all your glass work himself, with accuracy and attention to detail. Quality, finish and safety are key from start to completion. He chooses durable materials of the best quality and proceeds following the required safety and quality standards.

Wouter Robberechts is an expert who is proud of his craft. He is only satisfied when your glass work is finished to perfection. He will always help you with your questions or concerns, because a good after-sales service is crucial to him.

Glas Robberechts as a sustainable company

If you choose glass, you choose a sustainable product. In addition, if you choose Robberechts' Glass, you opt for a company where sustainability is key.

After all, Glas Robberechts is convinced that  it is not important to only build a company to be  economically sustainable. Sustainability has been included from the start in the company vision, in which People, Planet and Profit go hand in hand.

For this side of the business, Wouter Robberechts works together with his wife, Isabelle Huybrechts, who achieved a degree in Environmental and Prevention Management, and thus specialises in sustainability  and corporate social responsibility.

Glas Robberechts wants to apply this sustainable business vision daily in an informed and practical way. Some examples are the almost complete digitalisation of the administration, the selection of sustainable materials and selective waste disposal.

Glas Robberechts in collaboration with BRYO by VOKA

Starting a sustainable business is not easy in the current economic climate. Staying in one spot is also not an option for Glas Robberechts. Glas Robberechts has the ambition to grow into a sustainable business, in the broadest sense of the word.

That is why Isabelle Huybrechts entered the BRYO coaching programme by VOKA for young entrepreneurs with a vision. Thanks to the coaching, feedback and knowledge transfer from experienced entrepreneurs within BRYO, Glass Robberechts can further develop its sustainable company vision and operations through an informed way.

See also the article about Glas Robberechts in the January-February 2015 edition of the Entrepreneur Magazine by VOKA Halle-Vilvoorde.