Glass interior doors and glass walls

Photos of glass interior doors and glass walls.

Glass doors and glass walls offer great value to the finish of your interior. A glass door or a glass wall separates in style one space from the other without compromising on comfort and light.
Your glass doors or glass walls can be finished with a personal design or a unique drawing. You can decide on how your glass door or glass wall  is fitted to the floor or the wall. For example, you can opt for a glass door which opens in both directions or a glass sliding wall that hangs free from the ground.

Do you wish for that little bit extra? We can also place glass doors or walls with PRIVA-LITE. This technique makes it possible to turn your transparent wall into a matte one, and vice versa, with a simple push of the button, so that a wall in glass becomes transparent or opaque, whenever you want.

Looking for glass interior doors or glass walls in the region of Brussels – Halle – Vilvoorde – Zaventem – Mechelen – Leuven? Contact us for professional advice.